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Motorcycle Chain Brush Chain Cleaner

Color:Any color as you need
Sales Models: Wholesale
Min Order: 100Pcs
  • Universal
  • EMAX

Instructions for use

Step 1: Lay down a newspaper or cloth on the working floor to receive excess cleaning fluid that may drip down the chain during the cleaning process
Step2: Put the bicycle on the service rack, the tooth disk changes to the middle or small disk, the flywheel changes to the middle gear
Step 3: Use a brush or cloth to remove mud, dirt, or dirt from the chain
Step 4: Fill the cleaner with cleaning liquid
Step 5: Place the chain washer at the bottom of the lower chain, in the middle of the tooth tray and flywheel, and assemble the chain washer
Step 6 Hold the handle and slowly turn the crank counterclockwise. After several turns, the chain is cleaned




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