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Ceramic brake pads

Views: 27     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-21      Origin: Site

Ceramic brake pads are a type of brake pad, including mineral fiber, aramid fiber and ceramic fiber (because steel fiber will corrode, produce noise and dust, so it can not meet the requirements of ceramic formula), lighter than other brake pads and more expensive, the ceramic brake pads are cleaner and quieter, and provide superior braking performance without damaging the couple.

Many consumers initially mistakenly think of ceramics. In fact, ceramic brake pads are based on the principle of cermet rather than non-cermet. When the brake pads are braked at high speed, high temperature is generated on the friction surface. According to the measurement, it can reach 800. ~900 degrees, and some even higher. At this high temperature, a similar reaction occurs in the cermet sintering on the surface of the brake pad, so that the brake pad has good stability at this temperature. However, the conventional brake pad does not cause a sintering reaction at this temperature, and the surface material melts or even generates an air cushion due to a sharp rise in the surface temperature, which causes a situation in which the braking performance of the continuous brake is drastically lowered or the brake is completely lost.

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